Thursday, July 21, 2005
Google Page Rank being restored...
Very interesting... Google has become very quick. As I mentioned in my past posting, we had messed up with out page titles resulting in massive page rank loss. We began to restore the correct titles, and now, just some days later, Google already has the new pages in its archive and the ranking has considerably changed. For example, one page went up from position #43 to the #3 on one of the search words (the site in question is, but it is true for some other sites too). I have to admit I am a bit surprised to learn that just the title change makes *such* a large difference. Maybe it is because we are otherwise well-linked, but shouldn't Google be able not only to judge the title? Maybe they think it can not be modified that much, but nowadays I know many people who do not care for the title at all. So, in practice, it is very easy to optimize the title without hurting your readers...

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