Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Web Pages and Search Engines...
Sometimes bad things simply happen ... and somehow remain unnoticed. Some time ago, we upgraded our web pages to php, so that we are not stuck with IIS. During this upgrade, the pages were also redesigned. As it looks nicer, all page titles where shortened, a really bright idea. What was overlooked was that the page titles were carfully crafted and optimized for the search engines. This new "feature" (short titles) did slip our attention. Some time ago, I began to wonder why our search rankings went lower. Unfortunately, at the same time Google changed its ranking algo, and I thought it was realted to that (due to our site structure, we look like a link farm - this is not intended but I thought we received a penalty from Google). During some periodic checks, I now noticed the issue with the titles. Probably this is the real cause of the ranking troubles. Anyhow, we are now restoring the orginal titles and will see what happens in 3 month from now. After all, this is a nice experiement - though not intended... ;)

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