Monday, August 15, 2005
phpLogCon is back!
Remember phpLogCon? It comes with WinSyslog and MonitorWare Agent, but it is what I call one of our "hidden treasures". And it is hidden not by design ;)

In my quest for a better syslog system, I have revived phpLogCon, a syslog web front-end. phpLogCon is around for quite a while. I think it was Adiscon's first try at open source. It was written primarily as a front-end for the MonitorWare product line. At the time of the initial development, MonitorWare were commercial software only. In the mean time, the line has evolved, now including both commercial Windows software as well as free apps for Linux and Unix. phpLogCon is kind of a bordergoer. While it is open source (written in PHP), we also distribute it together with the commercial Windows applications. Consequently, its platform targets include both Windows and *nix.

When we started with phpLogCon, we thought that the open source community might use and adopt it to other database schemas, for example as written by syslog-ng. As it turned out, that was not a valid assumption - mostly because we did fail with easily distributing the sources widely enough. We also managed to really hide the tool - nobody ever knew about it - well, of course, beside customers with the commercial tools. ;)

The rsyslog enhanced syslog daemon changed the usability of phpLogCon greatly: now, everybody could use the default schema (as rsyslogd knows how to write it). Some folks began to notice phpLogCon, because rsyslog pointed to it. But it still did not receive too much attention and still was well-hidden.

This has changed now. I have set up a new web site for it at This one is now set to become a great information and community site, where the old one was ... contentless. Technically, I have picked up the sources as well and I am currently in the process of reviewing and cleaning them. While it works well, the design is a bit older and a brush-up is definitely due. I expect this to happen during the next weeks. An aboslute good thing about it is its relationship to the MonitorWare family. So it can also very easily handle windows event log data, for example. phpLogCon is a good tool today, and I hope it is the best of its kind by the end of the year.

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