Thursday, March 30, 2006
Making it harder for the spammers...
Our Antispam configuration needed an update - too many spams went trough. Beside a general configuration renovation, we today added SPF and Greylisting. Especially greylisting (using postgrey) is realy cool - you can immediately see how the spammers are being trapped. I am not sure how long it will take until they catch up, but I guess we will have at least another half year (probably year) before the next renevation is necessary ;)

I have also published SPF records for our domains. Some of those that are never be used for sending mails are currently being worked on. That won't save us spam (at least not much), but it will definitely be a plus for our reputation, as we are now less likely to become faked sender addresses in spam and malware.

LOL - this post was spammed, too. Blogger's system didn't allow me to delete the spam comment, so I simply removed the post. The original post was dated September, 12th 2005. Maybe I should have dug a bit more why blogger didn't allow the deletion, but I had simply no time for that...

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